We just had a great Baby Boomer Comedy Show for the Rural Alliance for the Arts in, of all places, Batesville, IN. The crowd was great and very appreciative of our humor. And, for the past year now, at the end of our comedy show, we’ve been doing a Q&A session. The crowds seem to love it as they get a chance to talk with touring comedians. So we’re starting this blog to answer some of those questions.

The question we get asked the most  is “how did we (Jan McInnis and Kent Rader) meet and come up with this idea?” And since this question is usually the first question we’re asked, it makes sense to answer it here on our first blog entry.

We met through a mutual comedian friend Frank King – a very funny guy whose been doing corporate comedy for 20+ years. He introduced us and we became friends.

After hanging out for a year or two (okay Kent is in Kansas and Jan is in Los Angeles so hanging out means phone calls and emails) we started talking about how we like doing the humor keynotes for corporations and associations (we both perform separately), but that we really like doing comedy. And that it would be fun to find a venue that is interested in clean comedy and a crowd that “gets us”. We both realized that we are baby boomers, and so that’s the crowd we relate to, and “poof” the Baby Boomer Comedy Show was born.

We decided to name the show after the audience we wanted to attract (baby boomers) as opposed to naming the show after us. That way people would “get it” and know that they’ll enjoy the humor. We put the tag line “clean comedy for people born before seatbelts, safety helmets, and facebook” to let the audience know that the humor will be clean. Both of us have clean comedy, so that was just natural.

We’re excited that the show has taken off and we’re getting some great bookings. The audience like the funny, relatable humor, and the venue likes it because we’re selling out.

So that’s our story from the beginning. Contact us through this site if you want more information on the show.


Jan and Kent